how to use thermamed


  • Specializes in multi-surface wraps with flexible, re-usable gel ice packs.

  • The wrap can be used on a variety of body parts (knee, ankle, wrist , elbow , back, hip, shoulder, jaw and foot).

  • Simply insert the frozen gel pack into the wrap and then place on injured area and tighten straps accordingly.

The R.I.C.E Formula = Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate!

Instructions for use

  • Remove gel pack from wrap

  • Place only gel pack in freezer (freeze flat)

  • Please take caution in not dropping the gel pack once frozen as it can break

  • Insert frozen gel pack into wrap for use

  • Do not apply gel pack directly onto skin

  • Use cold therapy for short periods, several times a day

  • Recommended time for each application of use, no more than 20 minutes

  • Allow for a 20 minute break between uses

  • Do not apply to open wounds

  • Product is for cold use only



  • Wrap material may cause skin irritation

  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner

  • If pain persists, consult a health care practitioner

  • Do not apply to open wounds

  • Use caution when treating the elderly and children